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  • Automatic Butt Fusion Machine
  • Automatic Butt Fusion MachineAutomatic butt fusion machine can be used at construction worksite and workshop. 3. It is suitable for butt welding of plastic pipes and fittings made of PE, PP and PVDF. . ...
  • Hydraulic Butt Fusion Machine
  • Hydraulic Butt Fusion MachineHydraulic butt fusion welding machine owns PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) coated heating plate with separate temperature controlling system. 2. Its low starting pressure ensures ...
  • Manual Butt Fusion Machine
  • Manual Butt Fusion MachineFM 160G manual butt fusion welding machines should be operated manually. The welding range is from 160 mm to 32 mm. While FM 225 manual butt fusion welding ...
  • CNC Butt Fusion Machine
  • CNC Butt Fusion MachineCNC butt fusion welding machine can automatically check whether the pipe is fixed well. 2. It can automatically start the milling and finish the milling. 3. This butt fusion equipment can automatically check the precise ...
  • HDPE Butt Fusion Machine
  • HDPE Butt Fusion MachineOur HDPE butt fusion welding machines have wheels, which make them convenient for transportation. 2. The body of this fusion machine is equipped with four sets of clamps ...
  • Angle Fusion Machine
  • Angle Fusion Machine Docking pressure can be precisely controlled. If the drive motor of the hydraulic system is turned off, welding pressure can still be maintained. Songjiang Smart Joint is one of ...
  • Socket Fusion Machine
  • Socket Fusion MachineThe trunk pipe diameter ranges form 500 mm to160 mm, and branch pipe diameter is from 225 mm to 63 mm. Table socket fusion machine adopts single clamp structure and hand ...
  • Large Size Butt Fusion Machine
  • Large Size Butt Fusion MachineThis type of butt fusion welding machine has a good price ratio. Stable working performance in overseas construction helps us win more trust from our customers ...

Butt Fusion Machine

Butt fusion welding machine is suitable for butt welding of plastic pipes and fittings made of PE, PP and PVDF in construction site or workshop. This butt fusion machine is mainly applied to household appliances, lights and other plastic weldings. According to different sizes of plastic parts, we can set heating power and die size to achieve various plastic welding. Songjiang Smart Joint has developed automatic butt fusion welding machines in 2009. To improve the welding quality, all welding operation steps are required to be measured precisely. All butt fusion machine welding processes are programmed in the controlling center. The operator is supposed to input pipe diameter, SDR (Statistical Data Recorder) and material grade. Thus the welding process can be finished and recorded correspondingly.

Working Principle of Butt Fusion Welding Machine:
The working principle of butt fusion machine is to heat two surfaces to a designated temperature, and then fuse them together by application of force. This pressure causes flow of the melted materials, which causes mixing and thus fusion. When the polyethylene material is heated, the molecular structure is transformed from a crystalline state into an amorphous condition. When fusion pressure is applied, the molecules from each polyethylene part mix. As the joint of the butt fusion welding machine cools, the molecules return to their crystalline form, the original interfaces are gone, and the two pipes become one homogeneous unit.

Features of Butt Fusion Machine:
1. The machine body is equipped with four main clamps with the third clamp axially moved and adjusted.
2. This butt fusion welding machine possesses removable PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) coated heater with separate temperature control system.
3. Hydraulic unit provides butt fusion machines with compressing power.
4. Made of lightweight and high strength materials and with simple structure, it is convenient to operate and easy to use.
5. Low starting pressure of this butt fusion welding machine ensures reliable welding quality of small pipes.
6. Separate two-channel timer shows time in soaking and cooling phases.
7. The butt fusion machine's high-accurate and shockproof pressure meter indicates clearer readings.

Classification of Butt Fusion Welding Machine:
1. Automatic Butt Fusion Machine
2. Socket Fusion Machine
3. Hydraulic Butt Fusion Welding Machine
4. Manual Butt Fusion Machine
5. Angle Fusion Machine
4. CNC Butt Fusion Welding Machine
5. HDPE Butt Fusion Machine
6. Large Size Butt Fusion elding Machine

Jilin Songjiang Smart Joint Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of butt fusion welding machines in China. In addition to this butt fusion machine, we have focused on producing pipe fittings for customers, such as electrofusion fittings, butt fusion fittings, PE transitional fittings, irrigation fittings, stub flange fittings, and so on. With high quality assurance, our fusion machines are exported to Algeria, UAE, Egypt, Australia, Brazil, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Canada, Libya, Malaysia, the United States, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, New Zealand, Iran, Israel, Chile, Japan, etc.