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CNC Butt Fusion Machine

CNC Butt Fusion Machine

CNC butt fusion machine (computerized numerical control butt fusion machine) can be managed automatically by using the CNC gear case. This would eliminate any risk of error due to the operator. With CNC butt fusion welding machine, all the welding processes are programmed in the controlling center. All the operation steps are recorded in the controlling center. Operators only need to input pipe diameter, SDR and material grade. The controlling center will guide them for each step and automatically supply the pressure in different welding phases. Thus the whole welding process can be finished and recorded correspondingly. The CNC butt fusion machine or CNC butt fusion welding machine is equipped with a compact and innovative plastic casing, which can resist to the most extreme working conditions.

Technical Features of CNC Butt Fusion Machine:
1. CNC butt fusion welding machine can automatically check whether the pipe is fixed well.
2. It can automatically start the milling and finish the milling.
3. This butt fusion equipment can automatically check the precise initial pressure.
4. CNC butt fusion machine or CNC butt fusion welding machine can automatically control the height of fusion loop, the heat absorption time, the pressure increasing process and the cooling process.

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Jilin Songjiang Smart Joint Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of CNC butt fusion machines in China. In addition to this CNC butt fusion welding machine or CNC butt welder, we are also engaged in producing pipe fittings for customers, such as electrofusion fittings, butt fusion fittings, PE transitional fittings, irrigation fittings, stub flange fittings, and so on. With high quality assurance, our fusion machines are exported to Algeria, UAE, Egypt, Australia, Brazil, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Canada, Libya, Malaysia, the United States, Turkey, Japan, etc.
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