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Manual Butt Fusion Machine

Manual Butt Fusion Machine

Manual butt fusion machine is suitable for welding of plastic pipes and fittings made of PE, PP and PVDF. The whole machine consists of basic frame, milling, milling cutter, heating cutter, heating plate, support for heating plate and milling cutter. Manual butt fusion welding machine can work in trench, worksite and workshop, and this butt fusion equipment is an ideal jointing device for water and gas supply pipelines.

1. FM 160G manual butt fusion machines should be operated manually. The welding range is from 160 mm to 32 mm. While FM 225 manual butt fusion welding machine is a kind of semi-manual machine. The welding range is 225 mm to 75 mm.
2. The body of this welding machine is composed of clamps and inserts.
3. Our manual butt fusion machines adopt unique locking system which can protect fusion process.
4. The heater of manual butt fusion welding machine is coated with Teflon which ensures the machine works steadily.
5. Temperature controller on the manual butt fusion machine's heater can control temperature precisely.
6. Facer is dried by electric motor to mill the pipe ends. It can be placed in the storage shelf when it is not used.

Technical Parameters of Manual Butt Fusion Welding Machine:

Item FM-160G FM-225
Pipe Range Φ160-Φ32 Φ225-Φ75
Power Supply 1-Phase 220V 1-Phase 220V
Heater Power 1.0 KW 1.6 KW
Facer Power 0.71 KW 0.71 KW
Total Power 1.71 KW 2.31 KW
Environment Temperature -10℃ to 45℃ -10℃ to 45℃
Heater Temperature Rise 20 to 30 Min 20 to 30 Min
Pressure Range   0 to 8 Mpa
Hydraulic Surface   862 mm²

Packing Information of Manual Butt Fusion Machine

Item FM-160G FM-225
Standard Insert Φ110, Φ90 , Φ75, Φ63 Φ200, Φ160, Φ110, Φ90 , Φ75,
Optional Insert Φ140, Φ125, Φ50, Φ40, Φ32 Φ180 , Φ140, Φ125
Component Base Machine, Facer, Heater, Storage Shelf, Insert Base Machine, Facer, Heater Storage Shelf, Insert
Packing Size 730×490×620 1080×920×720
Total G.W 53 kg 164 kg

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Jilin Songjiang Smart Joint Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of manual butt fusion welding machines in China. In addition to this manual butt fusion machine, we are also engaged in producing pipe fittings for customers, such as electrofusion fittings, butt fusion fittings, PE transitional fittings, irrigation fittings, stub flange fittings, and so on. With high quality assurance, our fusion machines are exported to Algeria, UAE, Egypt, Australia, Brazil, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Canada, Libya, Malaysia, the United States, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, New Zealand, Iran, Israel, Chile, Japan, etc.

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